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In 2016, @ETIQhour will concentrate on the top 15 Business Etiquette Essentials every future leader will want to know. Each fortnight a new Essential has been released: Essential #10: Acknowledge Others.

#10 – Acknowledge Others

We are social creatures who thrive on social situations. Very few people can survive well on their own, so because the majority of us require the social interaction we also require acknowledgement from others.

When someone approaches you, acknowledge him or her. This means if you’re walking your dog and pass another walker, or merging into the next lane – wave your hand to thank the driver whom let you in, or someone enters your work space – regardless if you’ve seen them today or not. Speaking of work, there are definitely times that we are all busy and something important is taking your attention, it’s perfectly fine to ask them to wait a minute while you finish. If you pass someone in the hallway or on the street, but don’t have time to talk, at least wave a hand and say hello. Busyness is not an excuse to ignore people.

Generally, people like doing things for others. Those people get a real sense of satisfaction in helping out. When others do something for you, show your appreciation, even if it’s a simple thank you, it truly goes a long way and they’ll be more inclined to help you out next time.

In this world where we don’t send thank you notes anymore, it’s no wonder people second guess their efforts if they’re not acknowledged.

I do one good deed a day, preferably in person, but sometimes I’m in my office in ‘lock down’ all day and it’s impossible to see another soul, so my good deed could be a virtual one. Either way, I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels when I see the other person genuinely smile from my acknowledgement and interaction. I’m not saying that I moved a shop a foot to the right or anything major, maybe I held a door open for someone or picked up their bag that fell over and they didn’t realise it, or offer someone some spare change to buy a coffee.

If someone does something for you, say deliver you printing from the printer or deliver a phone message – thank them, look them in the eye and be sincere. When you do this, the chances that they’ll do it again are very high, and here starts a mutual respectful, trusting relationship.

If you aren’t acknowledging what others have done are you at least thanking the person who holds a door for you?

Don’t take the credit for someone else’s project, acknowledge them publically. It will come back to you tenfold.

Think about how do you feel when you’re not acknowledged! Now, ensure you acknowledge and #payitforward.