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Based on questions that our customers have asked us, please find following some FAQ’s on:

How to organise a Sales Activity Calendar

  1. Do you have to have a Sales Activity Calendar?
    No, not at all, but even if you’re one or a group of salespeople, without a plan you wouldn’t be running an effective sales team. This is why a Sales Activity Calendar is the perfect tool for you to be able to plan your month, quarter and year out.
  2. What’s the advantage of having a Sales Activity Calendar? It’s the perfect tool for you to be able to understand what is going on in the market, who is working what trade shows, sales missions, annual leave, and public holidays that may affect the business to your company.
  3. What are ideal tools to be utilised in maintaining a Sales Activity Calendar? You don’t have to spend money for a tool! You may use any calendar app you have. For greater customisation, however, some sales teams have been using excel to maintain their Sales Activity Calendar. We have one set up ready to go for you, please feel free to download the calendar here
  4. Who should be the ‘owner’ of the Sales Activity Calendar? Ideally the head of your sales team, however, while they keep the master copy, every person in the sales organisation should be able to access it, edit up and keep it up to date.
  5. Once you’ve created the Sales Activity Calendar, can it be changed? Of course. In fact, we would urge you to use it as a fluid document. Life changes each day, and if your Sales Activity Calendar changes with the ever changing demands, then it’s a real working document. The more updated this document is, the outcomes for your team will be superior.
  6. What are the reasons you could change the Sales Activity Calendar? Changes in the market, new customer contracts, supply and demand shift, a new product is created. There are many reasons, too many to list here. But just always realise that whatever you do, keep your plan updated and change with the times.
  7. What are the steps we should follow when creating our Sales Activity Calendar? We have a great blog article that you can read and follow, simply click here. Alternatively, we offer a one-on-one session where we can guide you through this process and start you on the process. Please contact our office here for more information.
  8. What could be some reasons a Sales Activity Calendar may not work for my team? Some reasons why a Sales Activity Calendar may be a failure to some teams is when not of all the team members are on the same page as you or vice versa. While it exists to keep everyone on the same tab, it doesn’t mean anyone can keep changing it as much as they please.
  9. What type of things would you typically find in a Sales Activity Calendar? Have a read of our blog <insert blog url> to give you some ideas, but the most important items you would find in a Sales Activity Calendar are:
  • Sales Missions
  • Sales Blitz’s
  • Trade Shows (attending and not attending)
  • Relevant Public Holidays
  • Client Entertainment

Just to name a few.

Have you had success in the past by using a Sales Activity Calendar, comment below to share your ideas, or ask questions that we can add to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) above.