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The first few things I do in the morning is grab my coffee and sit down at my laptop, log into my emails, website and then start checking social media. LinkedIn is on the top of my list to catch up on any news, connections and happenings.

This morning was like no other morning, I read a question in a group that I belong to asking (along these lines) “Does anyone ever get a job offer through LinkedIn?”

After scrolling through the answers of really unhappy people saying and shouting “Noooooo”, “Never”, “I don’t know why!!!!!!” and so it goes on, I started to look at the types of jobs advertised on LinkedIn and what the people were saying in their ads. In a quick, non official, poll taken I calculated 93% of the ads stated how you could apply for the job and who you would need to contact if you were interested.

Here’s an example of what a typical ‘advertisement’ would be like:

“Hi, I’m looking for potential candidate/s for the following positions: Please send your profiles or please apply to

Then the list of positions would be shown.”

What comes next shocks me to the bone. This job advertisement is no different to seeing something on the job search websites or locations, so why do people treat it so differently. People actually put comments like “Plz have a look at my profile for (job title)….” “Sir, I’ve emailed you, kindly reply to my email…” “Any opening for (another job not listed)?” “Look at my profile…” “See my profile…!” and the list goes on.

Today, more than ever, it’s increasingly easy to research companies and positions to personalise your cover letter and job application. The advertiser already has their name, title and company listed along with the role/s they’re advertising. The savvy job applicant will look at these other roles and know how to make this a USP for themselves.

I’m a huge advocate for LinkedIn being a provider to advertise what roles you have available to your connections and their connections.

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