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The time of year is on us where there are lots of year-end parties and social business functions. If you’re lucky enough to have been invited along from a client, a supplier or your work, here’s a few tips to help you ensure you don’t no-show to the function.

I know, I know, as the year draws to a close, some of us actually get busier because we have deadlines that need to be met, goals need to be smashed, budgets and plans for the next year need to be finalised and the list goes on. Add to that, every group you are in, team your on, school you went to etc, all want to do an ‘end of year catch up’. You’re also expected to do your “normal job” during the day without missing a beat. It feels like you couldn’t get your job done, even if there were 5 of you!

So, it’s tempting to just simply “give this one the flick” and you could think of a million reasons not to go attend, but you know for the good of your own moral standings and good etiquette you need to go, so why not try following some of the to help you keep your time under control.

  1. Streamline & Delegate. 
You may find that you’re more productive if you group similar tasks together in your day, rather than shifting back and forth among various projects. (Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Forgive others for not being perfect. Focus on what you like about yourself and others; ignore what you don’t like.)
  2. Be exceptionally clear when delegating tasks, don’t leave anything up to ‘assumption’
  3. Prioritise everything. How important is this to get done to impact my job, now?
  4. ROTI – Return on Time Invested, is there anything that you do during the day that zaps your time, that you can do without, or make it happen less regularly, ie: Negotiations with suppliers, managing personnel issues and hand emailing responses.
  5. High/Low Effort Tasks: Are you focusing on low-effort, high-impact tasks before high-effort, low-impact assignments?
  6. Manage meetings wisely. 
Who hasn’t been to a meeting or been on a conference call that was a huge waste of time?

But above anything else, do not no-show on the event that you have already RSVP’d ‘yes’ to go to. If you must, cancel 48 hours prior to the event, ring and personally advise the host, help to replace yourself with your 2IC (2nd in charge) or recommend someone else from a similar company/department.

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