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Here at The Training Establishment, we believe everybody sells. As a salesperson, you’re responsible for sales to customers, that generates profit for the business. So for today’s topic, we explore “How to exceed your annual goals up to 2 months early*”

Whether it’s you or the department you belong to, you all set your goals to achieve either on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. But then again, it’s rare for everyone to accomplish goals when given a certain time frame that may not be ideal or carefully planned out. Often times, you may find it difficult to keep up with your goals month after month. Have you ever found yourself losing motivation when you complete your goals one month but fail to do so in the next? And, if you’d like to know how you can exceed your annual goals up to 2 months early, stay tuned.

  1. Give yourself bite size goals to concentrate on. Be clear with your objectives, then dissect your actions points into projects, and tasks that need to be done in order to keep up so you can accomplish your objectives.
  2. TTE is faced with various projects every day, week, month and throughout the year (we’re no different to any other business) and what works for us is scheduling individual action plan points, then once they’re done, we immediately tick them off the list. This way, we can see that little by little, we are making enough progress towards achieving our goals. But we don’t do this all alone. Each one of us has tasks that we can complete that help the bigger picture – the project.
  3. Use a project management tool to help visualise what is to be done and what dates they are due. In our case, we use ‘Asana’ www.asana.com – everyone in our teams can be brought into different tasks or projects throughout the year. They can leave comments on each task, set due dates, tick them off when they’re done and everyone can see the progress on each task or project.  Don’t leave your goals to the last minute. Be sure to work on your goals each day/week/month throughout the year and keep track of progress.
  4. Become a partner with your customer. Understand their business and how your product or service can help them with their goals: reduce money, increase revenue, save time etc. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but simply taking an ‘order’ from your customer isn’t enough in our world today, you need to be in sync with what their goals, requirements, and expectations are.
  5. Help your customers in the buying process rather merely ‘selling to them’.
  6. In sales, it’s about relationships that last a long time, well beyond the ‘sale’. Looking at a lifetime value of a customer will help you to go further than looking at how they can help you with your goals here and now. So don’t just focus on achieving your goals and leaving your customers behind.

Take your time to implement these tips into your goal-setting process and let us know how they helped you in one way or another by liking and commenting on it. If you’d like more tips on business and sales etiquette, subscribe now to our Youtube Channel!

* We can help you to exceed the goals, but you can’t do it alone, we have a number of training modules that are built to help you and your team throughout the year, and build incredible relationships with your customers that will give you a bigger slice of market share which, in turn, will help you to exceed your goals early. Take all our trainings, and you can take 2 months off ?