Introducing Etiquette Hour @ETIQhour – business etiquette for you in 2014

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Introducing Etiquette Hour @ETIQhour – business etiquette for you in 2014

#etiqhour comes to Twitter:

Etiquette gets a bad rap these days, it sounds so pompous and pretentious, however, the rules that are socially and morally prescribed seem intrusive to our sense of individuality and freedom, but the concept of etiquette is still essential especially now and particularly in business.

Etiquette is a code of behaviour that defines expectations for social behaviour according to contemporary or conventional norms within a society, a social class or group. In business: etiquette is treating coworkers and your employer with respect and courtesy, in a way that creates a pleasant environment for everyone.

We all know people who need some basic etiquette training or tips. It’s frightening to think that we will lose this social behaviour in businesses that are real and in person, that are not in a virtual world. One of the great things about the world we live in today is the anonymity of our computers, we can research, educate and participate in the privacy of our own home, office, car, train behind our smartphones and computers. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to ask questions, share ideas, and know it’s still a safe anonymous environment?

Each week there is one hour dedicated to the cause.

Etiquette Hour (#etiqhour) on Twitter
Monday: 10pm GMT
Tuesday: 8am SYD

Tweet questions and comments to the experts (Clare Maxfield & Rebecca Wiles) #etiqhour and join in the conversation and have them responded to by our panel of experts. Each week is dedicated to a new topic and is announced before etiqhour begins.

Etiquette is more than knowing how to be the host with clients at lunch or dinner or knowing which knife and fork to use, it goes beyond these barriers like hygiene, cross cultural differences and some of those ‘old fashioned’ values that should never be lost, that make you Global, Educated, Credible and well respected.

Share with your team, get people along to join in on Etiquette Hour #etiqhour in Twitter.

How’s your Etiquette?