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Yes, it’s true, I’m one of the 10% of the population who loves public speaking. You know that group who experiences no fear and get a huge buzz being in front of a large crowd? I’m a proud member of that group.

On top of the group that love to public speak and present, there’s approximately another 10% that are genuinely terrified. Those are the people who are physically crippled by the very thought of speaking in public. About 75% of the population suffer from glossophobia – the fear of public speaking – and they will go to enormous lengths to avoid speaking in a group situation. This can bring on many symptoms.

When I’m talking to a group of people who are hearing me speak, no matter for the first or 100th time, these are the things I remind myself before I start talking:

  1. They want to hear me speak – most people pay to hear what I have to say on certain topics. My clients say that I entertain people with my stories and help all people to comprehend topics that are new to them.
  2. I love bringing new ideas and insights for people – I’ve always enjoyed seeing things from a different angle. So, to bring new ideas and helping people look at a problem in a different way brings me so much joy.
  3. I influence people – Numerous people tell me that they had a change in career based on training session or a speech that I made because my passion and enthusiasm rubbed off on them and they saw what I was saying in a completely different light.
  4. The audience has fun with me – “If you’re not laughing, you’re not learning” I always say and this couldn’t be more true for me. I really enjoy having a laugh and if the audience joins in with me then it’s enjoyable and memorable, which means they’ll remember me and what I said. No one wants me for a boring lecture and they don’t want you to either. This point is really key when you’re speaking in front of multi-generations.

With saying all of this, you might be thinking to yourself, what about nerves. Please don’t think that I don’t get nervous. Of course I do. But let’s remember, why we get  nervous, it’s because:

  • we are wanting to do a great job
  • we have blood pumping through our veins, it’s a natural reaction
  • the adrenaline hasn’t kicked in yet
  • you may be unprepared!

It’s undeniable that public speaking skills are a great prerequisite for a successful delivery of your product. When you eventually master the art of catching your customers attention through good presentation skills, you’ll find it easy to sell in the long run.

I’ve come across clients who have shared their fear of public speaking and I’ve provided them with presentation skills training modules that are personally designed to address what areas and tools they need to improve. If you’d like to hear how we can help you with this, make sure to email us at info@thetrainingestablishment.com.au.