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Question: Would you like to know how to communicate and engage with your customer even before you even met them?

Question: Would sending that first ‘cold’ email be easier if you knew which way your potential customer behaved, and liked to communicate?

Question: Would you like a modern day ‘crystal ball’ that you could look into and flex your style appropriately for every client?


Then take time to read this article and you’ll be surprised to find out how it can be easily done.

I am not employed nor am I associated with the first company in any way, but I see the tremendous value in their product and want to share it with many people. Afterall, isn’t word of mouth and recommendation the easiest way to gain more business?

I know of an app that you can put in your customer’s details, and it will search all social media and produce a personality profile of your customer for you. It will allow you to have improved communication while making a better first, (second, third and so on) impression. You could even use the program to search customers in a particular personality type, say, like yours so you can connect easily and immediately.

With all this being said and, as if it couldn’t get any better, when you write to this contact the app can be integrated with Gmail and will remind you how to set our your emails to best communicate with your client: i.e., Formal or Informal greeting, a body of text and sign off. It generates a profile summary of your contact’s possible personality based on his/her presence on the web. These insights will then be used for you to come up with the best way to approach your contact in your email, meetings, and working relationship in the long run.  AND, it can even segment all the different personality types of your contacts in the company, making it easy to group certain people for personalised presentations, etc.

Now, has this app already piqued your interest? If you’re interested to know more, please click here, but, here’s something else that can take this all to a different level. I know you’re with me when I tell you we all have personalities – one for work and usually a different one at home. These personalities can be a challenge to us in the workplace and with our clients. If I could give you a way to find out what your personality is and how to work better with others in your workplace and your clients, would you like to hear more?

Everything DiSC®  is a psychometric personality assessment that measures an individual’s behavioural style, to find out more – we have Accredited Everything DiSC® facilitators to help lead your teams in any of the following profiles:

    • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile®
    • Everything Disc® Productive Conflict Profile
    • Everything DiSC® Management Profile
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    • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®
    • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders
    • Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

Discover how Everything DiSC® can help you maximise you and your team’s potential in the workplace below: