Business Etiquette / Sell Yourself / Work/Life Balance


With the social time of the year approaching, with all the end of year party invites, now is the time to ensure you’ve got the right etiquette to manage any time, after all when it comes to business and socialising, there’s a whole different level that you need to be aware of.

Let’s get the white elephant in the room out of the way – don’t drink too much! It really goes with out saying, doesn’t it, but this is the number one golden rule. You are with your employers, employees, clients or colleagues. This isn’t a time to act like you’re at your own personal party at home. This is still business.

Attending large or intimate dinners, End of Year Parties & celebrations can be a dangerous time of year for your career. There are so many people attending these events who are in charge of your future, don’t ruin your chances for the promotion by having a really silly night.

If you’re the host, or helping to organise, ensure you’re aware of everyone attending the event, you don’t want unwanted guests turning up, but also if you are aware of everyone this means you can introduce people around, making those who feel uncomfortable more at ease.

If you’re attending a cocktail party, small cocktail food will be served, this means, if it’s the time of day when you naturally feel hungry, you might want to grab a sandwich to eat on the way, this way you’re not starving when the bite size sushi comes out and you urge to grab 12.

Keep hydrated no matter where you are, only water will do this and keep you neat and tidy. We all know what I mean by ‘neat and tidy’ don’t we?

If you’re attending a client end of year party, take your business cards as this is another networking opportunity. You never know who will be attending the event. I remember going to a wedding once and the lady next to me ended up being one of my top accounts now. None of this would have happened if I didn’t take my business card, otherwise we wouldn’t have been in contact with each other afterwards.

To help start conversations with others, ask people about their day, family or pets, this helps to break the ice.

Always find out the dress code to ensure you’re dressed appropriately. I always try to dress up than under the dress code, it’s better to be over dressed than under.

Is there a gift to take, make it business appropriate and appropriate to the business = ROI, look at the business revenue bought to you by the client, take a thank you gift that is relative to the revenue. If they give you a small amount of business you would make the thank you gift smaller than someone who gave you 10 x the revenue.

Plan to arrive early so you can enter the gathering on time. The hosts value your promptness. Plan to be held up in traffic but don’t walk into the event early. While hosts value your promptness, they don’t appreciate early birds.

If the event is held is someone’s home, be respectful for their personal items, don’t comment on things that are not to your taste not too personal. However, you can use items to help open conversations to learn more about the person. i.e.: You see a painting by xxx, open a conversation about the painting, where they got it, why they chose it, etc.

Be on your best behaviour, your career may depend on how you behave in public.

Use social media to celebrate the event at the beginning of the event, anything after that, keep it off. Some people ask your to #socialise and #hashtag their event on social media which is wonderful, so please do it, just make sure the photos of YOU and the photos that YOUR posting are from the beginning of the night, when everyone is on their best behaviour – remember, anything online is there forever.

When you’re engaging with others at the event, be interested in the person your with. Show genuine interest to them and what they do.

This is an in-person social event, keep your phone in your pocket or handbag and keep it off. If someone needs your help and you need to use your phone, then you bring it out and put it away when you’re done.

Don’t forget to send a handwritten thank you note to the organiser for inviting you & how much you enjoyed it.