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How did you go? Did you smash your goals this year?

Did you come in just under the line?

Did you make more than you did last year, but you still didn’t ‘make it’?

This is the time to celebrate, and it’s also the time to reflect, no matter what your outcome was. Even if you made the goal, it doesn’t mean anything unless you can understand how you got there, and how you can do it again next year.

Celebrations are a great way to keep yourself motivated. But celebrations aren’t just for those that made their goals, they’re for all of us. 365 days, less weekends and holidays, is a long time to keep motivated and working hard, so the fact that you made it to the finish line in one piece is a cause of celebration.

From here your duty is to analyse what you did well, and what you could change if you were given your time all over again. (which is what you’ll get to do next year ☺)

Discuss these areas with your manager before the end of the business working year. Look at ways you could alter the way you work so that you can increase your results next year.

When setting your goals for the next year, be sure take into consideration market changes, competitor intelligence and customer information that you’re aware of. This will all help you to understand what you can influence and what you can’t.

If your goal is to gain new business, and you find it hard to telemarket, think of other creative ways to make partnerships with others to help ‘sell your product or service’.

Whatever you do, if you did your best, celebrate well! You did your best and it’s not always about finishing first. Remember the tale, “The Rabbit and the Hare”? Slow and steady wins the race and this race isn’t an annual event, it’s a lifetime value race – meaning what will your company get from the customer over the lifetime of your working relationship.

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