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When you are tasked to upsell, chances are you either successfully increase your sales or discourage the customers for being too pushy. This brings us to the latest topic on Sales Etiquette, “Creative ways to upsell

All businesses are different, but the concept of #upselling is the same. What line of business are you in? If you could name a great way to #upsell in your business, what would be the most successful?

Being #creative to upsell doesn’t take too much creativity, you just need to know what you offer and what your #customer wants. If you asked your #customer what they really REALLY wanted, would you be surprised at their answer?

If you could alter what your business offers, would it match your customers’ needs? If so, how so? Would you customers be willing to pay more for an upgraded version of your product if it was something that they really wanted?

Ask your customer what they want and how they want it!

F&B teams can start off by offering creative ways to talk about special meals or bottles of wine. They package up a dinner/beverage package. Sales teams, add ‘value’ to the package that the customer wants, don’t give it away free.

Focus entirely on the customer, so you’re giving them a personalised experience and making them feel special. A customer that feels special, has #loyalty, that loyalty converts to #revenue in multiple ways.

How many ways can you now think of #upselling to your #customer?