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Getting to know your customers entails a deeper understanding of their needs and the best way to do that is asking them the right questions. So in our latest @ETIQhour discussion, we delve into the significance of asking questions with the topic, “Why would you want to ask awesome questions?”

When you meet with customers, do you feel like you’re always asking the same old questions? Do you ever get great awesome answers to your questions? If not then there is definitely a great deal of rethinking about how you generate the best answers from your customers.

Some questions may work today and may fail tomorrow.

There are certain factors that only you will discover when you put more effort into brainstorming the best questions to ask your customers.  If you could wind back time to ask better questions, what would you change?

Put yourself in their perspective and make sure to find the proper approach in drafting your questions.

Now, finish this sentence: “Questions should be………?” Before defining how your question should be, you need to get a good picture of what exact information you need to get from your customers.

When you ask questions, you want your customers/colleagues to do the majority of the thinking and talking. While you may come up with a “Yes/No” type of question, try to add a “catchall” phrase that will allow them to further expound their answers.

Take a moment to pause and listen carefully to your customers’ response.

You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that order when asking questions. If there is silence when you’ve asked a question, give them time to answer. Urge the desire to break the silence.

Customers love great questions, it means you’re wanting to get to know them and their needs. If you don’t ask great questions, don’t expect awesome answers. Customers will welcome you asking amazing questions, but won’t tolerate the dull and drab!

If you feel like you’re interrogating your customers, you’re asking the wrong questions. Ask questions that help you gain a deeper knowledge on the subject – client, colleague, friend, situation, problem.

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