Motivation / Selling Skills


I know, the more the year goes on, the more we realise we’re not going to make our goals, and the more motivation goes down the drain.

I know, the harder you work sometimes doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere in your goals or career aspirations, so the motivation goes down the drain.

I know that the more the year goes on, the harder you work, the less availability you have to work on your goals and get things done, the motivation goes down the drain.

We all have the same concerns and issues in our working and personal life, but it’s how you tackle them that makes all the difference.

Motivation is different for everyone. Something that may motivate one person demotivates another person. A particular activity may make one unmotivated, is a key motivator for another.

You need to know what motivates you in life. Is it a small reward for each small goal you achieve? Is it a pat on the back from your boss or loved ones? Is it a big reward when you achieve your goals? No answer is right here because every person is different.

Understanding what motivates and demotivates you is the key to avoiding the un-motivation trap. And that trap gets the most of us at one time or another.

When you find you’re in the ‘trap’, it’s best to do one of two things:

  1. Walk away, take some time out to ‘refresh’ yourself. Shutdown, reboot and start again.
  2. Find that motivation button and kick it as hard as you can. Pull the motivation out from the depths of your soul and just get on with it.

Both options work well, and sometimes you need to use one or the other, or a combination of the two. All else fails, get yourself an Executive Development Mentor and talk through your worries, and take their advice. Most motivation issues can be dealt with over a great conversation and some fantastic advice.

The Training Establishment has dealt with customers all around the globe who felt trapped by demotivation in their workplace, career or personal life through its Executive Development Program, EstablishingYOU. We know how unnerving it can be to feel demotivated so tell us your story via email and let’s discuss how personalised solutions can be fit for you.