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In our daily lives, we come across new team members to the corporate world in many facets and I see young and enthusiastic people in the workforce wanting to do great things, but they don’t know how to get it or where to turn to. While some may have a clear focus towards keeping on track with their goals, others find this not enough to get moving forward and achieve their goals and realise the importance of having someone to guide them through.  This has been my role as a mentor and I just want to help you and your career move forward.

The other day, I was working with an existing client set their future career goals and mapping out how they can get there when I overheard young 3 ladies behind me having a good old chat about how disgruntled they were within their workplace. I won’t repeat what they were saying because some of the language wasn’t the kind that young ladies should be using, however, it got me thinking on the way home how I could have easily helped them to understand why their having these issues, how to fix it and then focus on their own goals. I mean, “Sharon” clearly got up their goat and wasn’t going to change anytime soon, which meant they had to flex their style and headspace.

Too often the ‘old fashioned’ managers are stopping the next generation of leaders to shine with new and fresh ideas so they can be the best that they can be. Generally, people hate change, especially when “you’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s always worked fine”. When someone is open to hearing new and exciting ideas, it ‘may’ just make life easier and reach goals faster – this is especially true if your target market of your product or service is for the younger generation.

When people say to me “..you allowed me to feel very comfortable and open during our one-on-one coaching session. Nothing was off limits, with varying topics being encouraged for discussion, giving way to a very natural and cohesive flow within our conversation,” it makes my heart sing because we all need a safe environment where we can openly discuss ‘us’. Executive Development clearly helps many people in all aspects of their careers. It’s not just for young people starting in their career, we’ve helped older generations who want to work better with inter-generations or understand how the younger generation can enhance productivity.

Let’s come back to Sharon’s Fan Club. In one short session, I could understand their frustrations and help start goals for the future. But like anything, the best things come over a period of time when you can truly develop the relationship. I could have had the 3 of them sorted and being productive and enjoying their ‘coffee chat’ rather than them taking the unproductive time to speak so ‘enthusiastically’ about their feelings of Sharon.

If you’re leaning on Executive Development to drive you forward, this calls for a professional mentor to guide you throughout your career and professional growth. I’ll be happy to hear more of what are your challenges and let’s have a one-on-one talk on how we can map out action plans for them. Book a consultation with me below: