Motivation / Selling Skills


Smashing your sales goals should be motivation enough for you to finish the year with amazing results. But let’s face it, we all lack a little motivation from time to time.

Some mornings us salespeople jump out of bed and run into the day. Other mornings start well, but the afternoons are a real drag. Sometimes we find ourselves counting the sleeps to the weekend or our next holiday. So, while sales is an industry for highly motivated people, we can all do with a motivation boost at times.

Because everyone is different, we all find motivation in different places. So here are some ways to help you stay motivated so you can conquer your sales goals, and with any luck, you can do them early!

  • Commit yourself to a daily to-do list. It’s all about the fulfilment and satisfaction of being able to cross a task off your list once you’ve completed it. Be sure to break down this list into small achievable tasks and separate the big time-consuming tasks. Start the day by doing the ‘must do’s’ or ‘urgent’ tasks to complete quickly before any distractions come in, then you can start to work on the small ones.
  • Reward yourself with small goals. Make them weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Maybe it’s a massage on the weekend, or sleep in one morning on the weekend or you’ll allow yourself to run for 30 minutes longer.
  • Enjoy the hunt. Sales is about hunting and gathering, but we love it when business lands in our lap. However, there is nothing better than prospecting a new client and finally getting that win; this makes your sales skills truly shine through. Honestly, anyone can take an order, can’t they?
  • Never forget to take your break. You’re not really spending time wisely by consuming all your hours without taking a good break to refresh your body and mind. Try to stay away from your desk and take a walk refreshing your brain from the tasks ahead.
  • Encourage office motivation throughout the year. This might be a ‘Casual Friday’ or social dinner with everyone to celebrate successes and keep the motivation throughout the year. This need not cost the earth; it could be a ‘pot luck’ dinner at someone’s home.
  • Have a mentor, someone internal or outside of the business. Someone who is working for you, they know how you tick, and they know how to push you along.

Without motivation, you might as well not have sales goals. Salespeople will, at some point, find themselves losing the motivation, that they once had at the start of their career and eventually those who fail to regain it will give up at their goals. So, boosting your motivation when you feel it starting to deflate is so important to your businesses and your success. Each person’s way of motivating themselves may differ and yet whatever best way it is that you get motivation, don’t hesitate to buy it in bulk and use it when you need to. Everyone needs a boost every now and then. It’s perfectly normal for us to get some help with this.

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