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Let’s be honest, we’ve all ‘winged it’ in the past, we’ve bluffed our way through a situation in business, and yes – we probably got away with it. The client or your boss wasn’t aware that you were not prepared for the meeting/sales call/presentation, and you ‘won them over’, and you got away with it. Since you were on such a high, you probably thought you could get away with it the second time, so you did it, and again you succeeded. Congratulations, you’re on a roll now, and you’re unstoppable. You admit to yourself (and only yourself) that you’re kind of lucky that you haven’t come unstuck, but you’ve also talked yourself into realising that you’re actually very good at this gig and you’re happy to just ‘cruise along’ and bring in the results.

What happens when you continue to ‘cruise along’? You become bored, stale and uninterested. You don’t get challenged anymore, and you’re starting to lose that fight that you once had in you. You may, or may not, be achieving your goals, but you probably don’t really care either way. But you should. Salespeople are the most motivated and driven people on this planet.

So what do you need to do to be able to get yourself out of this ‘rut’? You need to start preparing yourself for your sales situation. Understand your customer, earn the right to be in the same room and doing business with them, explore the options that you can present to your client, so they are in-control of the buying process. You need to be able to have a purpose and a plan for each time you visit the customers and know how it can benefit them while offering an excellent solution to their gap or problem.

Winging it will only get you to a certain point, but having a plan that can help you be strategically aligned with your customers, will help you to achieve greatness within your company and for your client. You’ll also realise that having a plan is very rewarding for your own satisfaction and significant achievements.

The best salespeople in the industry knows how far genuine preparation can take you compared to “winging” it and get temporary acknowledgement for a presentation you could have done tons better with the right amount of preparation. Our Advanced Selling Skills and Strategic Selling courses includes topics on how you can further improve preparation and avoid the habit of “winging” it.

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