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Is it us, or does it seem that when you’re visiting places, be it a shop, markets, supermarket or restaurants or even just visiting the local shop on the corner, we seem to have lost the very basic of Customer Service skills?

We all work hard for our money! So when we choose to visit an establishment to spend our money we like to think there’s a small amount of gratitude (even if it’s superficial), and we like to be made to feel like a valued customer, in some small way. Sometimes it’s just a smile of recognition, or eye contact from the person serving me, or even verbal interaction would be nice. (If someone told us 10 years ago we would be blogging about this, we would have thought them quite mad!)

We seem to believe if these ‘Customer Service Professionals’ (no matter what the title is, when one comes into contact with customers, and they’re offering a professional service, then guess what job they are also doing?)  just knew who their customer was, took the time to think about who they are, what they want and when (and how) they want it, they might find that having the interaction with the customer, might possibly lead to a satisfying experience for all concerned, and who knows, it might help to have an enjoyable day in the workplace!

We think you’ll find the eBook quite fascinating as it joins the journey of a customer. The insights and observations may astound you, but ultimately, we hope it helps people understand we are all people, wanting (almost) the same things out of life.

Thanks to these people for sharing their thoughts on our eBook:

The eBook “So you think you really know me?” brings her business trips to life. It is not a journal of any frequent traveller, but a fun, personalized yet in-depth “Customer Experience Analysis” for any travel, hotel, or airline industry senior management to hear about. Through the real stories shared in the book, there are moments to make you laugh or frown, however the big question is: “What is the differentiator from Service Provider A to B?” And it also made me wonder what the world will be like, if those “transactions and moments” of a frequent traveller are consistently nice and with human touch.
Shaojun (Flora) Mou
L&D Executive – Singapore


“What a mind opener your eBook is – when you put it all together travelling for business is not what it is made out to be”.  How many times do we hear “what a glamorous job you have travelling around the world” yeah really glamorous but yet we smile politely and inwardly cringe until next time.  At the end of the day we just want to feel special not typecast by some hotel customer service team who ever so often spell our name wrong anyway.

Rhona Walker

Solution RED – Australia

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