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CUSTOMERa person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.

Right now, based on the above definition of CUSTOMER, is where our blog entry could end…!

Our customers pay our bills. They allow us to survive. They are the reason we are in business at all.

The original form of trade saw the direct exchange of goods and services for other goods and services has been traced back to prehistoric times. The invention of money resulted in these ‘trades’ as a buying process and a selling process. But ultimately it’s how we all get through the day, week, year, lifetime.

It’s one thing to have a ‘transaction’ purchase. We’ve all been there, you walk into a shop, you help yourself, you take your product to the counter, the cashier rings up the sale, they give you a bag, and off you go. A Transactional Sale. Nothing emotional about this purchase, and chances are, you may not refer this business to people, nor may you consider returning.

However, our blog right now doesn’t end at this perspective of a CUSTOMER. When we speak of this term, we want you to understand its deeper perspective and that’s when we introduce “Lifelong Sale.”

A Lifelong Sale. You walk into the shop, the sales person engages with you, understands your needs and requirements, helps you with a solution, may suggest a better solution, helps you with a finance option to better benefit you as a lifelong partner customer, you leave the premises. Chances are you’re leaving with a smile on your face; you feel valued, supported and look forward to returning, you may very well recommend this business to other people like you, you want to be known as the curator of new and exciting things. You want the business to be thankful for your loyalty, and possibly reward you for this.

Compared to having the perspective of customers engaged in “Transactional Sale”, all businesses must take the perspective of customers being involved in “Lifelong Sale.” In this way, you get to approach your sales process with a long-term goal in mind. Eventually your business goals become more valuable than ever. That’s why every customer should be a ‘Lifelong Sale’, they will feel valued, loved, inspired, thankful, encouraged, engaged and honoured!

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